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Инстаграм и фейсбук разрешат публикации фотографий родов

14 мая 2018  15:17

Социальные сети фейсбук и инстаграм больше не будут цензурировать фотографии с родов. Об этом рассказала активистка Empowered Birth Project Кэти Вигос в своем аккаунте.

Ранее фотографии с родов сервисы приравнивали к порнографии. Основной причиной отмены цензуры стала ее петиция, которую подписали 23 тыс. человек.

THE PETITION WON!!!!! That’s right… #IGallowuncensoredbirth, with over 23,000 signatures, has been successful: Instagram AND Facebook have officially changed their censorship policies to ALLOW UNCENSORED CHILDBIRTH!!! We did it!!!! __ When I launched the petition in December 2017, Facebook was not a thought in my mind. When I got a phone call a month later in January from a representative of Facebook’s public policy team, I was informed that since Facebook owns Instagram and both are governed by the same policies, this change will affect both platforms. This is truly groundbreaking, world changing news! Due to the extensive process required to implement this change within FB/IG, there may still be some glitches (i.e. random/accidental censorship) as they train their global team of employees and modify their software to recognize ALL birth related media as acceptable content. I waited until now to announce this exciting news because FB/IG has been working hard to update their technology and decrease censorship before giving me the green light to share this with you. Dear @instagram @facebook… thank you!!!!! __ Thank you all SO much for your endless support of this cause. There is strength in numbers, and together we have achieved this much needed policy change. This is so much more than a single petition-- it’s the cumulative result of many people over many years advocating to end birth censorship. Together, we have birthed a major shift in the collective consciousness, and now we are free to share uncensored birth in its full expression of glory on two of the biggest online platforms in the world. __ All of this just in time to kick off Mother’s Day weekend. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate!!! Share this news everywhere! Thank you, thank you, thank you. We did it! __ Love, @katievigos __ #IGallowuncensoredbirth #empoweredbirthproject #thankyoufacebook #thankyouinstagram #birthcensorshipendsnow

Публикация от By @katievigos RN, Doula (@empoweredbirthproject)

«Подобное отношение к родам противоположно нашей миссии об их дестигматизации. И единственный способ изменить мнение общества — перестать приравнивать такую информацию к оскорбительным материалам», — заявила Вигос.

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